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Packages / The Medihire package

The MediHire package includes everything you need to treat your patient


This includes:


Additionally, we can provide upon request:

Single Use Flexible Ureteroscope

Outer Diameter: 8.7Fr

Deflection Up/Down: 275/275

Image Resolution: 160k

Working Channel: 3.6Fr

Field of View: 110°


Consumables including stents, access sheaths, guide wires and stone baskets

  • Spare morcellator, blades and hand piece

  • A qualified and experienced safety officer

  • Laser fibres

  • All necessary insurance, certification and indemnity

  •  Back up foot pedal and blast shields

  • Lumenis Holmium laser appropriate to the surgery

  •  All safety equipment including goggles and safety signs

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