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Medical Consultation

Our vision is to be your trusted partner for holmium lasers in the UK.

MediHire aims to give every hospital access to holmium lasers regardless of size, caseload or location. By continually investing in new technology, expanding our workforce and adding additional services to our portfolio, we aim to provide a cost-effective rental solution that enables your patients to receive the best possible care.


MediHire’s mission is to bring best-in-class holmium laser technology within the reach of every hospital in the UK.


The large capital outlay to purchase a high-powered holmium laser can make building a business case difficult for smaller hospitals. MediHire enables you to control your costs whilst still providing your patients with the best course of treatment.


Whether you need an ongoing holmium laser service or an interim rental during an
equipment upgrade or to clear a patient backlog, MediHire will be your trusted partner, offering a convenient, reliable and cost-effective Per Patient solution to your holmium laser needs.

Our Values

At MediHire, we are one team with one goal: to deliver the right equipment to the right place at the 

right time - every time. 

We take pride in our performance

We take great pride in our performance and will always be​ reliable, trustworthy and accountable.

We put the customer first

We aim to deliver unrivalled customer service in our sector.

We listen to your needs

Your needs are our number one priority: your feedback will help us to ensure that your needs are always met.

We value our

We work in partnership with all our customers to provide seamless, end-to-end service.

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